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Join the YAC and get ready for the space age!

The YAC is an international organizotion desgined for young people:who
*Dream of exploring space
*Want to be astronauts and work in space
*Desire to explore the Galaxy as scientists, astronomers, or engineers
*Hope to make friends from all over the world
*Are excited by the challenges of new experience

Interested? We welcome you to join us and enjoy the wonders of space!

Matsumoto Reiji

Commissioner - General
Mohri Mamoru

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For inquiries:
Young Astronauts Club - Japan (YAC)
1F Kanumadai 1-9-15, Sagamihara-shi KanagawaJapan
Post Code : 229-0033
Tel.00-81-42-705-8071 Fax.00-81-45-704-3477
E-Mail : yacj@yac-j.or.jp